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Anything marching band related, really.
For all Definitions of Marching Band, Pep Band, all instrumental ensembles, and colorguard.


My favorite thing about marching band is that one of the first things they tell you is ‘If a judge is in your way, run them over’

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Band Camp

  • Me:
  • Directors:
  • Me:
  • Directors:
  • Me: I came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

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If her horn snaps scare you. She’s the one.

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-i-run-to-you-: Does one simply gush and go

What exactly is gush and go?

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"Guys, there are high school AND college hash marks on this field."



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The last time I posted on this blog was 3 months ago, do you guys still check this out? >.> or reblog stuff. 

edit: i run 3 blogs, well i try to anyways. my main one, this one, and a uh butt blog. 

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It’s 4am and I miss band.

I miss the crowd and the feeling in my stomach everytime I performed on the field.

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 why are string instruments so awesome. and why didnt i learn to play one.

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Reblog if you’re in marching band.

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