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Anything marching band related, really.
For all Definitions of Marching Band, Pep Band, all instrumental ensembles, and colorguard.

"Guys, there are high school AND college hash marks on this field."



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The last time I posted on this blog was 3 months ago, do you guys still check this out? >.> or reblog stuff. 

edit: i run 3 blogs, well i try to anyways. my main one, this one, and a uh butt blog. 

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It’s 4am and I miss band.

I miss the crowd and the feeling in my stomach everytime I performed on the field.

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 why are string instruments so awesome. and why didnt i learn to play one.

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Reblog if you’re in marching band.

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Saw my highschool marching band today.

I just saw their Facebook page.

WGMB Alumni - thanks for coming to visit and support the band during band camp! your presence and support means a lot to all band members and the directing staff. We hope that you get to see us perform during the season!” 



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It’s August…


When does your band camp start?

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  • Me during marching season: fuck I hate this
  • Me during marching season: fuck this mellophone
  • Me during marching season: dammit why am I out of tune again
  • Me during marching season: did I just seriously splat that note what the fuck
  • Me during marching season: no khannah that's a pothole don't fall into that
  • Me during marching season: I hope I die so I never have to do this again
  • Me during the off-season: I MISS MARCHING BAND SO MUCH SOOOOOBBB

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Concert band uniforms, that is all. 
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5 facts huh?

1. I’m short, wee.

2. I’m 18.

3. I own too many things of chapstick.

4. I’m on turntable too much.

5. I hate driving at night. 

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